XTMF 1.11 – Release Candidate 1 Now Available

This release of XTMF 1 continues support for both EMME 4.6 and versions before EMME If you are using EMEME 4.6 please use the toolbox included with XTMF at Modules/TMG_Toolbox_Python3.mtbx. If you are using version of EMME or before, please use the toolbox at Modules/TMG_Toolbox.mtbx. Both toolboxes contain full support for all EMME tools produced by TMG.

You can download XTMF 1.11-RC1 from GitHub here!

New Features

  • Searching a model system now also searches parameter names and their values!
  • Calibrating Start Times for TASHA activity episodes.
  • New Export Subarea Tool – Documentation can be found here!