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XTMF 1.12 – Now Available

You can find the new release for download on at New Features: * Supports EMME 2023. * Updated to .Net 7.0. * Fixed regression in the transit assignment tool. * Improved performance for ExportSubarea tool by adding a max core count. * Improved stability when opening/saving projects on network drives. * Improved performance of

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XTMF 1.11 – Release Candidate 1 Now Available

This release of XTMF 1 continues support for both EMME 4.6 and versions before EMME If you are using EMEME 4.6 please use the toolbox included with XTMF at Modules/TMG_Toolbox_Python3.mtbx. If you are using version of EMME or before, please use the toolbox at Modules/TMG_Toolbox.mtbx. Both toolboxes contain full support for all EMME tools produced

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XTMF 1.4 Released

The final version of XTMF 1.4 is now available for download. Binaries are downloadable from here. User guides and documentation for XTMF are available at The documentation also includes a list of new features and changes since XTMF 1.3.