The Travel Modelling Group develops and publishes various open source tools and software for the building of model systems.


XTMF (The eXtensisible Travel Modelling Framework) is software platform and environment that aids in the construction model systems. In addition to the modules provided by XTMF, an SDK with instructions is available for advanced users to create and use their own custom modules. XTMF is an open-source (GPLv3) platform, which means all modules used to construct GTAModel V4.0 have their code available for inspection or recompilation.


The TMG Toolbox is a suite of Python tools written for Emme transportation planning software. Emme itself is a product of INRO Consultants, Inc.; however the TMG Toolbox is open-source under GPL3.0 (see license file for full text)

The TMG Toolbox is developed by the Travel Modelling Group at the University of Toronto. The authors hope that this toolbox will improve the practise of operational transportation planning by facilitating advanced analyses of travel demand forecasting models implemented in Emme.


TMG’s Integrated Land Use, Transportation, Environment. This project is the plug-in for XTMF to support the custom components required to build TMG’s ILUTE and ILUTE-like model systems.