2012 Base Network Update

  • Cordon Count post / station on-link attributes @stn1 and @stn2. Count posts are numbered [Region 1-5][Local number][Direction 1-4], so Toronto station 50 EB is 100504, Durham station 5204 SB is 252043, etc.
  • Extension of Morning Star Drive to Humberwood Blvd (under the 427)
  • Other recommended changes from feedback
  • Fixing of found network artefacts
  • Inclusion of two new GO Stations: Guelph Central, and Allandale Waterfront. Neither had any scheduled train service in 2012, however, they are included for future years.
  • Modified walk modes/one-way-ness of Sherman Access in Hamilton. Turn restrictions added to simulate the restricted nature of this street.
  • Added-in Mi-Way route 9 (M009) A & B which were somehow lost.
  • Fixed the transit service table to include correct Emme ID for Durham route 923.
  • Included link extra attribute @z407, representing 407ETR fare zone [0= Not tolled, 1= Light zone, 2= Regular zone].