2012 Base Network Update

An updated version of the 2012 Base Network is available. Changes include:

  • Fixing a number of issues which were causing infinite loops in auto assignment, such as auto links with 0 lanes.
  • A handful of highway countpost locations were changed to match better with Cordon Count data (e.g., mapped to the wrong link from an interchange).
  • Link nominal capacity (@lkcap) is included as per NCS11.
  • Link posted speed limit (@lkspd) is included as per NCS11.
  • A handful of Halton transit lines had negative speed in the transit service table.. This has been fixed.
  • Sherman Access in Hamilton is now fixed to permit both directions of traffic; its turn-restrictions are by default set to the AM peak. The turn restrictions at Jameson/Lakeshore/Gardiner are also pre-set to the AM.
  • Fixed an artefact at 407 and Appleby Line.
  • The VDFs in this draft of the network include the additional volume term el1, meant to store transit background volumes. If you choose to merge these functions into your database, be sure to run the tool a�?Set Extra Function Parametersa�? (in a�?Traffic Assignmenta�?) to link el1 to 0